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    Potassium fluoride
    Potassium fluotitanate
    Sodium monofluorophosphate
    Sodium fluoride
    Sodium fluorborate
    Zirconium potassium fluoride
    Strontium fluoride
    Calcium acetate monohydrate
    Polyaluminium chloride
    Magnesium fluoride
    Potassium fluoborate
    Potassium fluosilicate
    Barium fluoride
    Ammonium fluoroborate
    Calcium acetate
    Potassium fluotitanate

    Molecular formula:K2TiF6
    Molecular weight :240.09
    Properties: white flaky crystal.
    Melting point :780℃
    Uses: reagent, material, the making of titanium and titanic acid
    Melting point :780℃
    Impurities Index:

    Impurities Name




    Sulfate (SO4)


    Moisture (H2O)


    Heavy metals (Pb)


    Fluorosilicate (SiO2)




    Transportation: avoid moisture.
    Packing:25KG compound bag or P.E bag

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